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By Max Jacobson

Psst. Check out my RubyConf 2017 talk, There are no rules in Ruby.

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the hardware and software I use (2017)

21 Dec 2017

I’m an inveterate reader of Uses This style articles and I’ve always wanted someone to ask me to participate in one and no one has, and I have a perfectly fine blog, so here goes nothing (actually something quite self-indulgent and in need of editing and unlikely to be an annual tradition now that I know how weird it feels to write this all out).

Normalizing surgical drain output

12 Dec 2017

Let’s talk body fluids, and then math.

mewithoutYou and me

29 Sep 2017

mewithoutYou is a fairly prolific rock and roll band from Philadelphia who I love very much. In this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about why and share some of my favorite songs.

Sad Blocks

07 Jul 2017

I wish Ruby knew when you wrote a sad block.

there are no rules in ruby

03 Jul 2017

Note: I’ve expanded on these ideas in a conference talk, which you can see here.