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I've started initializing git repositories in the weirdest places

26 Nov 2018

Earlier tonight I caught myself doing this:

Commit your skeletons right away

26 Nov 2018

I was just writing a post about habits around starting new git repositories and there was one additional thought that isn’t quite related but which I also want to say and so now I’m really blogging tonight and coming back to you with a second post.

Sunrise commits

26 Nov 2018

I’ve picked up the habit from some people I’ve worked with that whenever I create a new repository, I make an initial empty commit that has the commit message :sunrise: and no changes in it. I thought it might be helpful to jot down some context on why I do that, or at least why I think I do that.

git cleanup-branches

02 Mar 2018

Do you clean up your git branches as you go or are you, like I am, a lazy hoarder?

2017 in television

03 Jan 2018

Here’s my favorite shows that aired in 2017. Just sharing because I spent way too much time this year watching television, so maybe this will help you pick the good stuff, as long as your taste is also my taste, which it’s not. I’ll try to avoid spoilers.