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Natasha Beats The Devil

April 21, 2023

In 2004, Natasha Bedingfield released a track called These Words. In 2006, 65daysofstatic released a remix called Natasha Beats The Devil:

I would have found this via Jerome Holeyman’s blog charlatan, which I was a religious reader of back in the Google Reader days, which covered the hard-to-define genre called Post-Rock.

I can’t really imagine listening to this without watching the video. The video is inseparable, remixing the original music video.

In just a few short minutes, this video reliably restarts my brain. The remix starts out humble, not varying too much from the original song (which is also great). But at some point, when it’s supposed to segue from that perfect chorus (“I love you, I love you”) into a bridge and then wind down, it just… doesn’t. It just stays there, like a glitch happened. Like she was supposed to take a turn, drove off a cliff, and her car started flying. “I love you, I love you” becomes IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloloveyouIIloveyou. Natasha beats the devil. A new glitchy beat comes in, and some simple chords, and she keeps going, for what feels like long enough that you kind of forget where you are.

Now I’m reminded of this classic Nathan For You moment:

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