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how to run shell commands from ruby if you care about their output or if they failed

31 Jan 2016

Recently I made a new gem called shell whisperer which you might find useful for when your ruby programs need to run shell commands.

how to re-draw the line you just printed in Ruby, like to make a progress bar

15 Dec 2015

Here’s something I learned recently. Let’s say you have a program that is going to take a long time, and you want to mark the progress over time. You can print out some information like this:

how to tell ruby how to compare numbers to your object with coerce

09 Nov 2015

Let’s say you have some object that represents some numeric idea:

begin rescue else

21 Oct 2015

Quick ruby tip kinda post.

how to log all input in your pry rails console

14 Oct 2015

Many Rubyists use and love the pry gem for adding breakpoints to their programs and inspecting objects. Super useful. Some others use the pry-rails gem to use the pry REPL in place of irb for the rails console.