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the first useful thing I wrote in Rust

09 Jun 2016

I’ve been interested in the Rust programming language for a while, but it wasn’t until this week that I wrote something in it which I found useful.

Fun method names in Ruby

08 Jun 2016

One thing I like about Ruby is that you can use a little punctuation in your method names, which can help you write expressions that read like nice sentences:

Articulating my Vegetarianism

05 Apr 2016

note: this is going to be sort of personal and self-indulgent and I’m mostly writing it for myself to work out some ideas and make some decisions

how to run shell commands from ruby if you care about their output or if they failed

31 Jan 2016

Recently I made a new gem called shell whisperer which you might find useful for when your ruby programs need to run shell commands.

how to re-draw the line you just printed in Ruby, like to make a progress bar

15 Dec 2015

Here’s something I learned recently. Let’s say you have a program that is going to take a long time, and you want to mark the progress over time. You can print out some information like this: