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Whole of the moon

February 2, 2023

Check out this cover of Whole of the Moon by Fiona Apple:

(I particularly like when the wandering camera lingers on her boot, stomping to the beat)

I wasn’t familiar with the original song by The Waterboys from 1985 (I never even heard of The Waterboys).

I wandered out in the world for years

While you just stayed in your room

I saw the crescent

But you saw the whole of the moon

This reminds me of that Pinegrove song with a very similar title, Size of the Moon:

That one has these lines:

I got caught

you got those caravaggio moves

We had some good ideas but we never left that fucking room

And later:

I remember that too

In your living room, right?

When we began to fight but then we both got confused

Then we were laughing & crying in awe of the size of the moon

In both songs we’re comparing ourselves to others, we’re trapped in rooms, we’re thinking about the moon.

I love when songs are in conversation with each other and I didn’t even know it. Finally hearing that other part of the conversation after only hearing one side for a while expands something about both.

Something about being in a room when the moon is up there is profane, maybe?

Via Merlin Mann on twitter.

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