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this is my suitcase

30 Nov 2013

We are not “breaking up”, because we all still love each other. Mary Lynn writes great music. I still write music all over. We all still exist and we all still create. We are simply putting a lid on This Is My Suitcase to capture everything we’ve done; We are merely writing a really good ending to our own wild story.

Synchronize Our Dictionaries

30 Nov 2013

Recently I’ve been melting the butter stick of my brain against the griddle of Reginald Braithwaite, whose twin books on JavaScript and CoffeeScript as functional programming languages, JavaScript Allonge and CoffeeScript Ristretto have been tripping me out hard.

open blog

24 Nov 2013

This blog is open for business. Also it’s open like, it’s on on github, which means you can fork it, read the drafts, submit pull requests, etc.

learning ember.js: day two

01 Sep 2013

learning ember.js: day one

31 Aug 2013

the realization