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I am on an airplane

December 2, 2012

I am flying to California with my sister and my dad and we’re going to look at some schools that she has applied to. I’m grateful I was invited on this trip. I’m not sure I’m strictly necessary.

I went to California as a kid as part of a “Teen Tour” summer camp. It was a bunch of kids (I was twelve, most of the rest were around fifteen, sixteen) crammed on a bus and shuttled down the coast. My memories of it are all, weirdly, from the hotels we stayed in and the bus itself. I don’t recall LA, for example. But I’m excited to see it in part because up until fairly recently my main goal in life was to write for the movies and / or television shows. It’s been fun and weird transitioning life goals. There’s a sort of sadness to it? Not on my end, but a perceived one on theirs. I perceive that they’re sad for me. Which is fine, and kind, but not necessary.

Gaby wants to study linguistics because she loves learning and learning about languages. I support that very much. She’ll expand her brain like crazy studying this stuff.

I am a stalk of grass bending in the wind, growing toward the sun. I hope she will be too.

She just caught me writing this and laughed at me. Namaste.

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