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Learning new things

August 26, 2012

What have I learned lately?

I’ve watched my friend make a web app from scratch and it made me dizzy. I helped develop the idea and given some direction for the project.

I’ve learned how to use GitHub to collaborate on that project. I have one public repo there today and it’s mainly just there for me to learn to use git with.

And also to practice web design. Things like sass and CSS. And Pixelmator.

I put all I learned from that into re-designing my homepage maxjacobson.net, which remains a pretty version of my public Pinboard page. I removed the half-assed Pelican blog in favor of this Wordpress install, which I casually mention at the bottom of the homepage.

To set up this Wordpress blog I had to follow some tricky instructions, including setting up a MySQL process and database. Still don’t really know how that stuff works, but it’s working.

The blog doesn’t look anything like the homepage, but Wordpress themes are pretty tricky. They’re all built with PHP which I don’t know how to use. I’ll probably not go down that rabbit hole.

There are a lot of broken links, which I find beautiful.

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