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blogs... how do they work?

18 Jun 2013

I’ve been using this Octopress blog for a couple weeks and I’m compelled to figure out how it works and came to be. Let’s spelunk now.

rubí dos

17 Jun 2013

The Ruby Core Team wrote this in October 2011:

random emoji in prompt

13 Jun 2013

Edit: This post is kind of sloppy. Please consider reading this later, similar post instead.


09 Jun 2013

I don’t know how you’re supposed to redirect from old sites to new ones but I did it with a simple Sinatra app. I disconnected the previous sinatra app from my domain and connected this and it kinda works!


09 Jun 2013

I deleted my old blog. I set up some redirects from there to here. I took those old posts offline. Valar blog morghulis.