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Didn't Ricky Gervais get in trouble for saying that? On MongoDB

11 Jan 2014

Remember when Ricky Gervais got in trouble for using the word “Mong” a lot to mean “stupid” and a lot of people were mad at him because it’s an offensive thing to say? Anyway, I’ve been using MongoDB and Mongoid at work and I sometimes worry that the very name is kind of rude, but other than that I mostly like it.

New Year's Resolutions

06 Jan 2014

Last year was good. I think I resolved to take programming seriously. I went to The Flatiron School and now I’m working at CipherHealth. I’ve learned a shit load and had a lot of fun.


27 Dec 2013

EDIT April 2015: I took it off the site because it was kind of bad :smile:

iBooks for Mavericks

09 Dec 2013

OS X 10.9 Mavericks brought us an awesome eBook reader for the desktop in iBooks. Since updating, I’ve gotten into the idea of keeping and managing a library of digital books on my computer, mostly in the open ePub format. I get these books from the excellent Project Gutenberg and publishers like Manning Publications (which has taken a bunch of my money recently due to its generous holiday sales).

Has Chris Pratt Been Enchanted?

08 Dec 2013

I can’t think of Chris Pratt, the very funny actor who plays Andy on Parks and Rec, without thinking about this tweet, by that show’s creator, Mike Schur: