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January 10, 2013

From a few weeks ago:

I had no idea what he meant. But I should have, because he was making a reference to an essay I had shared with him and which we had then discussed called Fish. In the essay, Robin Sloan suggests, among other things, the value of revisiting things we like over constantly checking what’s new. I hadn’t meant to reference it and hadn’t thought much about it since reading it, but that idea must have kept with me.

Earlier tonight I watched this video three times:

Do you know that feeling of going to a concert for a band you love, where none of your friends like that band, and you sort of feel like a weirdo for liking them, only to discover that tons of other people like them too and you’re fine? That’s the feeling I got while watching this video, and I didn’t even need to leave the house to get it.

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