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05 May 2014

One of my favorite things about my vim setup is the way I open files. For a little while I used ctrlp and then I switched to Gary Bernhardt’s selecta script.

refactoring very old code

13 Apr 2014

Before I went to Flatiron School last summer I cobbled together a web app called Layabout. This weekend, for the first time in a very long time, I worked up the nerve to look at the source code. You may have heard the phrase “code smell” but I’m not sure it applies to this code. This code is like that ominous stink you’d almost rather ignore?

Atom Editor

13 Apr 2014

I tried out Atom Editor, the new text editor from GitHub.

shebangs and bins

19 Jan 2014

I had a thought the other night as I was falling asleep: I guess I could create my own shebang? I asked Siri to remind me later and fell asleep.

updating a jekyll/github blog from the iPad, or anywhere, without touching git

12 Jan 2014

UPDATE April 2015: Here’s a much, much better way to do it: http://www.hardscrabble.net/2015/how-to-jekyll-from-ios/