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ruby keyword arguments aren't obvious

29 Mar 2015

Since Ruby 2.0, methods can be defined with keyword arguments instead of the traditional ordinal arguments. I really like them. But they’re not obvious. I find myself thinking, maybe too often, “wait, how the hell do these work?”

my first vim macro

29 Mar 2015

The time has come for me to make a vim macro. Here’s what it looks like in action:

managing your Instapaper bookmarks from the command line

22 Mar 2015

I’ve previously written about extracting a gem from a web app called Layabout, but I neglected to mention that I later open sourced Layabout as well:


22 Mar 2015

Yesterday morning I grabbed my pants off the floor and a mouse scurried away. I shouted, “ahh!”, ran to my bedroom, and jumped on my bed, pants still in hand.

reverse polish notation

17 Mar 2015

Earlier tonight Carlos tweeted this: