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git fib, a helpful little script for git commit squashers

08 Mar 2015

Sometimes I squash git commits. Generally I do this when I’m making a pull request which takes some time, and it accumulates a lot of commits, many of which were just kind of trying things out. The sum of all the commits adds up to one valuable addition, but each one is kind of garbage. Here’s a good post from Thoughtbot: Git Interactive Rebase, Squash, Amend and Other Ways of Rewriting History.

playing with emacs for the first time

01 Mar 2015

Today I’m playing with emacs. There has been a confluence of events which have led me to this moment:

another cookie crumb

21 Feb 2015

In Wednesday’s post about building Firefox from source the other day, I mentioned one thing I really liked about the experience of first looking at this code base: it kept dropping little hints about what I might need to do next in a way that was actually insightful and helpful. For example, after running their script which installs dependencies, there was some helpful output pointing me to where I could get the code base.

building firefox for the first time

18 Feb 2015

recently I came across two blog posts:

discovering a problem

21 Jan 2015

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