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some helpful tmux aliases

01 Aug 2015

tmux is still an essential tool in my development workflow. Today I’m writing to share a few aliases/helper functions I’ve recently added to my dotfiles. Those change all the time so I’m hesitant to link to the files which the helper aliases and functions currently live in.

I added them in these commits, though: d06362c and c9d8695.

The implementation is mostly stolen from other people’s dotfiles and is gnarly to look at so I’ll just share how I use them:

EDIT February 8, 2016: I totally changed the implementation: 6d883df because I would occasionally have a bug with the old helper functions. More details in this issue

Here’s how to use these aliases:

When I’m not in a tmux session, and I want to see the list of tmux sessions, I used to run tmux ls. Now I run tl.

When I’m not in a tmux session and I’d like to start a new one, I used to run tmux new -s blog (where blog is the name of the new session). Now I run t.

It auto-chooses a session name based on the current directory’s name.

If there’s already a session with the name of the current directory, it cleverly attaches to that session instead of trying to start a new one with that name.

If I’m not in a tmux session and I’d like to attach to any existing tmux session, and I don’t particularly care which one because I’m planning to go into the session switcher anyway (C-b s), I used to run tmux a. Now I run ta.