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announcing metaphor loop

18 Sep 2015

Last month I started a podcast but I didn’t really publicize it because I wasn’t sure I was going to keep doing it. I put it on this site, hidden down in the footer, and I put it on iTunes, and I tweeted a few cryptic things like:

pro tip open firefox tabs in background

09 Sep 2015

One good thing to know if you’re a firefox person: visit about:config and poke around, configuring things.

eighty character lines

06 Sep 2015

Last month we talked about RuboCop, which analyzes your Ruby code and nitpicks it. One of its most difficult to follow suggestions is to keep your lines of code no longer than 80 characters.

why I think RuboCop is so cool, and how to contribute to it

09 Aug 2015

RuboCop as compiler

some helpful tmux aliases

01 Aug 2015

tmux is still an essential tool in my development workflow. Today I’m writing to share a few aliases/helper functions I’ve recently added to my dotfiles. Those change all the time so I’m hesitant to link to the files which the helper aliases and functions currently live in.