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stubbing constants in ruby tests

21 Jul 2015

Let’s say you have some code that doesn’t have tests and you want to add tests. Because the code wasn’t written with tests in mind, it might be hard to write tests for it.

making a pull request to rails

14 Jul 2015

Today I impulsively made a pull request to Rails, which feels kind of like a milestone for me. It’s about two years since I started using Rails at the Flatiron School. It’s also been about two years since the method I edited was last edited. I feel like there may be a reason and it won’t get merged, but who knows? I feel sort of exposed.

Quick tip: track command history in zsh

11 Jul 2015

I switched from bash to zsh a few months ago and it’s been mostly sweet. I noticed that it wasn’t tracking my command history, so I did a little googling and got it working by adding these commands to my ~/.zshrc:

using method_missing with class methods in Ruby

08 Jul 2015

Ruby’s method_missing let’s you write some weird code:

todo_lint: a new ruby gem to help prevent comments from stagnating

08 Jul 2015

I made another gem! Here it is: https://github.com/maxjacobson/todo_lint