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designing your own extendible command line utility

10 Jun 2015

I like that you or I can write command line utilities in any language, name it git-butterfly, or whatever you want, and then run it as though it were an official part of the git tool, as git butterfly.

gemfiles are ruby files

02 Jun 2015

A while back I saw this cool blog post: Stay up to date with the latest github pages gem by Parker Moore, who maintains Jekyll. Jekyll is the static site tool that powers github pages, but github pages doesn’t necessarily use the latest version of Jekyll. If you’re deploying your website to github pages, you probably want to make sure your local Jekyll server behaves in the same way as the Jekyll that runs on github pages.

operators as self expression

26 May 2015

EDIT June: I’ve followed-up this post: order of operations

time zones are still the worst

25 Apr 2015

After publishing my last post, a few minutes ago, I of course triggered refreshes until the reminder ticked down to “0 days and 0 hours”, but… it didn’t work.

my new menu bar guilt trip

25 Apr 2015

I just discovered TextBar via this article and it’s a pretty sweet Mac app.