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useful tool: storm

01 Jan 2015

I’ve been sort of passively looking out for something like this for a while. Here’s the problem: there are a lot of remote servers I may want to SSH into at any given time, and I am not going to remember all of their usernames or IP addresses. Not gonna happen.

don't let me modify my laptop any more please

16 Dec 2014

I’m writing this on a sticker-covered MacBook Pro my Grandma bought me 3.5 years ago. It’s a pretty powerful Mac. I thought I wanted to be a freelance video editor then. I bought the controversial Final Draft X around that time too.

more film snob updates

14 Dec 2014

Since my last post, in which I announced version v0.4.0 of film snob and kind of agonized over the decision to mark it as a minor release, I’ve gone ahead and made two more minor releases. I have much less anxiety about it now. In fact, I wish I had been doing that earlier.

film snob 0.4.0

06 Dec 2014

Today I’m happy to release film snob v0.4.0.

git repl

30 Nov 2014

The other day I mentioned coming upon a neat set of git extensions called ‘git extras’ by TJ Holowaychuk. Since then I’ve become slightly obsessed with it. It’s so useful, including as a terrific learning tool. Take ‘git repl’ as an example.