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My entire life, reading Wikipedia (featuring Dan Eisenberg)

An episode of metaphor loop
November 23, 2015


In the third episode of metaphor loop, I’m joined by Dan Eisenberg. We dig into his perspective as an experienced programmer (he’s worked at Google and Flatiron Health), and the existential crises that come along with that.

This was supposed to come out last month but I got a little overwhelmed with some life stuff and didn’t make time to edit it. Apologies!

Fun note: I edited this one on my iPad Mini using an app called Ferrite. I did a little post-processing to make it louder in Audacity on my Mac, but all editing before that (streamlining a few things and adding the intro and outro) were done on the iPad.

Some things that came up:

Edit: Dan came thru with these links after I released the episode:


This week, the opening and closing music comes from Diner’s CC-licensed EP IT’S ALL TRUE. We open with “My House” and close with “Really Wanna Know”. I dig it.