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All that matters is what you're able to teach your students (featuring Meredith Edwards)

An episode of metaphor loop
October 13, 2017


In the fourth episode of metaphor loop, I’m joined by Meredith Edwards, software engineer at Stride. We talked, as usual, about teaching and learning. We also dug into how work environments can foster a culture of learning and how tech hiring processes can find candidates who value things like other people’s opinions and communication skills.

Two behind the scenes notes about this episode:

  1. We recorded this on one microphone, and so you’ll hear us handing the mic back and forth, when I haven’t been able to cleanly edit that out. Please don’t be startled or alarmed. One thing that was kind of fun about this is that it made it a lot harder for me to interrupt, which is honestly probably for the best, given that mostly when I do it’s to insert some dumb joke, but that might throw people off the point they’re trying to make.
  2. We recorded this a while ago (July 23rd, 2017) but I’m only releasing it now due to inefficiencies in the editing pipeline (which is me).

Some things that came up:


This week, the opening and closing music comes from Good Shade’s CC-licensed album Lunch. We open with “Dearth” and close with “Styrofoam”. I dig it.