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Sweet like Fanta

May 22, 2023

This track by Rema and Selena Gomez from last summer is so good:

You can sing along to it if you want to.

The world is so vast. This song is a massive hit featuring a pop star I’m a fan of1 and I almost never heard about it.

I came across it in a kind of fun way that I want to recommend. I’m big into the Apple ecosystem, including Apple TV and Apple Music. Recently I was clicking around the Apple Music app on my Apple TV and I found a section dedicated to music videos. I put on a playlist of music videos called The A-List: Pop Videos and let it play on shuffle on the TV while I worked on other things. Lots of good, fun stuff came through, but this was the stand out. The experience was great: not cluttered with ads or other non-music segments. They have other playlists for other genres and moods too.

I love music videos. The track opens with Selena Gomez murmuring the word “Vibes” and then Rema declaring that the track is “Another banger”, and it’s hard to disagree when you watch this.

  1. Not only is Selena Gomez a very talented singer (my favorite solo song of hers is the frosty Hands To Myself) but she’s also very funny in Only Murders In The Building 

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