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managing your Instapaper bookmarks from the command line

22 Mar 2015

I’ve previously written about extracting a gem from a web app called Layabout, but I neglected to mention that I later open sourced Layabout as well:

Today I have the opportunity to write about it, because I finished a kind of fun new feature: a command line interface for efficiently managing your bookmarks. Using it requires cloning the codebase and requesting API credentials, so it’s not a super accessible tool, but for power users it might be worth it. Here’s a quick demo:

bin/rake explore demo

Here’s the code for the CLI as of this moment: https://github.com/maxjacobson/layabout/blob/255eed15be2e55de804083bfdcf8651538af7bb0/lib/tasks/explore.rake

(I like linking to the code as of a certain commit, because who knows, maybe I’ll rename the file later, and then the link to the file on master branch won’t actually work?)

I think it’s kind of interesting code. Each action is an object that describes its help text, the commands it can handle, and how it can handle them.