Hardscrabble 🍫

By Max Jacobson


02 Apr 2015

A few months ago I installed Google Analytics on hardscrabble, and a few weeks ago I installed Clicky, a competing service.

I felt a little skeezy, a little Not Punk, when I did that.

Aren’t I supposed to not care what people think and write from the heart?

Well, to be honest, I do. I check the stats sometimes. And I’m letting it affect what I do and write.

But hopefully in a good way!

For example: I learned, much to be my surprise, that this is consistently my most popular post. It’s not a mega hit or anything, but it gets a few visits every day. People want a good solution to that particular problem, and there aren’t that many solutions at all.

Unfortunately, my solution from January 2014 is pretty bad. I feel bad for those people. I want to help them. Maybe analytics can tell me who on this Earth I can help, and maybe that’s beautiful.

Anyway, I’m writing this on Editorial on my iPad (with a bluetooth keyboard; I’m not crazy), and I’m about to publish it using a MUCH IMPROVED, lighter-weight workflow. I want to battle-test it a little bit more before I share it. Maybe this won’t even