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todo_lint: a new ruby gem to help prevent comments from stagnating

08 Jul 2015

I made another gem! Here it is: https://github.com/maxjacobson/todo_lint

required keyword arguments in Ruby 2.0.0

30 Jun 2015

TLDR: I made a gem, required_arg which offers a workflow for requiring keyword arguments in Ruby 2.0.0, which doesn’t support them on the language level.

assigning values to multiple variables in one line

27 Jun 2015

Why would you write this:

order of operations

16 Jun 2015

Last month, we looked at Ruby operators, and I complained about how I wish I could define my own operators. Today I’m looking at them a little more, and thinking about how Ruby handles expressions made up of multiple operations.

designing your own extendible command line utility

10 Jun 2015

I like that you or I can write command line utilities in any language, name it git-butterfly, or whatever you want, and then run it as though it were an official part of the git tool, as git butterfly.