Hardscrabble 🍫

By Max Jacobson

rdoc is magic

29 Dec 2012

I keep learning new things as I slowly make this ruby gem. I had sent a copy to a friend and wondered if he would be able to unpack it and see the source code, and that led me to the command gem server which starts up a local server so you can go to localhost:8808 in your browser and read about all of the gems installed on your machine, including the included documentation.

Now, writing some documentation has been on my to do list. I ain’t done that yet. In fact I hadn’t gotten around to adding it to my to do list. But I was delighted to see that my gem is listed along with all the others, and – magically – there’s some documentation there.


It pulls out all of your class methods presents them as a collapsed excerpt. In some instances it pulled out my comments. Those were functioning as notes-to-self but now I know to groom them for others to read by the time I’m close to sharing.

This is cool as shit.

my first gem

20 Dec 2012

One of the projects I’ve been intermittently working on is called smashcut. I’ve been keeping it sort of vague and secret because I’m imagining tickling a wild beast of an audience that isn’t necessarily real and that tickles me.

I’m planning to release it as a gem soon enough. I’ve just learned how to do that and it was shockingly easy. A real delight. It’s even quite easy for the gem to be a command line tool. I am using it locally by running smashcut and it is doing things. I am thrilled.

I learned this from the first google result for the query “how to make a gem” (http://guides.rubygems.org/make-your-own-gem/) which I’m sure you could just as easily have found.

I need to learn more about testing and also sleep more.

i gave myself a hair cut

14 Dec 2012

It was something like five or six months and I needed one anyway. I’ve always had hair and I’ve always threatened to get rid of it. It was just a matter of getting bored enough, and now it’s gone.

It’s already growing back.

If I weren’t pretty sure it’s a kind of racist thing to think, I’d be more comfortable admitting that my motivation is to look like a buddhist monk. A lot of western people, myself included, have a shallow appreciation of Buddhism. I don’t meditate, but I feel like I would meditate. I aspire toward being zen but don’t really know what that means. I took one class in Eastern religion in college, to fulfill a requirement, and ended up loving it mainly because the professor had a great sense of humor.

So now my hair is short and I clog less the shower drain. I feel very self-conscious. I feel like I look weird or creepy. I’m nervous to take a Christmas photo with my sisters. Who’s the scary baby?

I’m glad I did it. I feel like a male GI Jane.

I was thinking it would imbue me with a seriousness and I would be able to think more clearly. Is there a fog surrounding your head? It may or may not be your hair.