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17 Jan 2015

Steven Soderbergh re-edited some famous movies. Jason Kottke linked to them and, among other things, mentioned this (emphasis mine):

I’ve seen some comments on Twitter and elsewhere about the legality of Soderbergh posting the 2001 and Raiders edits. The videos are hosted on Vimeo, but are private and can’t be embedded on any site other than Soderbergh’s. But any enterprising person can easily figure out how to download either video. The Raiders video has been up since September, which means either that Paramount doesn’t care (most likely in my mind) or their lawyers somehow haven’t caught wind of it, even though it was all over the internet a few months ago (less likely). We’ll see if whoever owns the rights to 2001 (Time Warner?) feels similarly.

I read that and was kind of surprised because at first blush I had absolutely no clue at all how I might download the video. Sooooo I had to try:

Enterprising from Max Jacobson on Vimeo.

terminal multiplexing with tmux

03 Jan 2015

I made this video a few months back with my friend Alex Au. It’s a crash course in how to use tmux. We made another, shorter, video about why you might want to use tmux as well:

If you find yourself with more than a couple of terminal tabs or windows open all the time, I think you should consider using tmux instead. In the last few months I feel like I’ve hit a sweet groove with my terminal use, where I pretty much never have more than one tab or window open. Instead, I have one tmux session per project, and several virtual tabs (“windows” in tmux parlance) per project. The thing I learned most recently that makes this really fly is the keyboard shortcut for switching from one tmux session to another without ever leaving tmux. I only ever really leave tmux to navigate to a different directory and start a new tmux session.

Here’s what that looks like:

tmux flow

(I gotta look back into those failing tests in film snob…)

The keyboard shortcut that takes you to the session switcher is ctrl+b s (s for switch). For me, it’s super useful. Hopefully you’ll find it useful, too.