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gem anxiety

01 Dec 2012

I read somewhere that when you install a gem you shouldn’t use sudo which stresses me out because I can’t figure out how to do it without sudo so what does that make me? Some kind of rude-ass strongarm? I shudder at the thought.

Favblogging with pinboard, ifttt, and the rest of the internet

26 Aug 2012


Learning new things

26 Aug 2012

What have I learned lately?

People only use RSS when they don't know they're using it so maybe the 'sub box' is its future

17 Jul 2012

Google owns,

The easiest way to indent paragraphs online, not that you necessarily should

21 Mar 2012

Today I read DC Pierson’s recent essay Writing About 2Pac In Los Angeles, A Place It Turns Out He Isn’t From and even though I liked reading it a lot, the main thing I’ve been thinking about since has nothing to do with hip-hop or Los Angeles or writing. It’s this: why did he indent his paragraphs?