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How to easily post to your Jekyll blog from your iPhone or iPad

03 Apr 2015


  • This solution doesn’t support Octopress, only Jekyll
  • This solution assumes you’re hosting your blog on GitHub


  • One-time setup
    • Download Editorial
    • Install the Publish Jekyll Post workflow I’ve just created
    • Tap the wrench to see the list of workflows
    • Find the newly installed “Publish Jekyll Post” workflow
    • We need to configure the workflow with your info. Try running it, and it will complain that you haven’t provided a GitHub API access token. It will offer to open Safari on the page where you can create a new access token. Do that, and copy it to your clipboard. Note: the only necessary permission is “public_repo”, assuming your repo is public, which it almost certainly is. You can revoke this token at any time to cut off the workflow.
    • Return to Editorial
    • Tap the “i” info button for the workflow
    • Tap “Edit Workflow”
    • Find the step called “Configure Access Token” and tap to expand it. There’s a text box there where you can paste in your access token.
    • Scroll down to the “Configure Repo” step and tap to expand that one as well. There, write in your GitHub username and the name of the repo you’d like to add posts to.
  • Now that configuration is done, just create a new document in Editorial and write your post. You are responsible for providing the YAML front matter (the block at the top with the title and date)
  • Run the workflow.
    • You will be asked what the file name should be. The workflow makes a smart guess: _posts/2015-04-02-whatever-the-file-name-is.md, but you can change it.
    • You will be asked what the commit message should be.
    • The workflow will then create the file in your repo and, upon success, offer to open that file on GitHub.

If you have any problems or ideas, please open an issue on the project’s GitHub repo: https://github.com/maxjacobson/github-pages-editorial (I deleted the repo)


02 Apr 2015

A few months ago I installed Google Analytics on hardscrabble, and a few weeks ago I installed Clicky, a competing service.

I felt a little skeezy, a little Not Punk, when I did that.

Aren’t I supposed to not care what people think and write from the heart?

Well, to be honest, I do. I check the stats sometimes. And I’m letting it affect what I do and write.

But hopefully in a good way!

For example: I learned, much to be my surprise, that this is consistently my most popular post. It’s not a mega hit or anything, but it gets a few visits every day. People want a good solution to that particular problem, and there aren’t that many solutions at all.

Unfortunately, my solution from January 2014 is pretty bad. I feel bad for those people. I want to help them. Maybe analytics can tell me who on this Earth I can help, and maybe that’s beautiful.

Anyway, I’m writing this on Editorial on my iPad (with a bluetooth keyboard; I’m not crazy), and I’m about to publish it using a MUCH IMPROVED, lighter-weight workflow. I want to battle-test it a little bit more before I share it. Maybe this won’t even