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By Max Jacobson

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i gave myself a hair cut

14 Dec 2012

It was something like five or six months and I needed one anyway. I’ve always had hair and I’ve always threatened to get rid of it. It was just a matter of getting bored enough, and now it’s gone.

seal attack

04 Dec 2012

a video from my travels:

erb and indendation

02 Dec 2012

Earlier while sleeping on the plane I had an idea for a method that I want to write.

I am on an airplane

02 Dec 2012

I am flying to California with my sister and my dad and we’re going to look at some schools that she has applied to. I’m grateful I was invited on this trip. I’m not sure I’m strictly necessary.

I can’t sleep right

01 Dec 2012

I sleep so weird. I don’t think it’s ideal. I gotta get my tonsils cut out, maybe.