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By Max Jacobson

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writing prose with marked

12 Jan 2013

Yesterday I got the urge to write some fiction. This has been a decreasingly frequent urge for me, so I seized on it.


10 Jan 2013

From a few weeks ago:

the horizontal rule

31 Dec 2012

On a sexier and perhaps better blog, this post title would be a euphemism.

rdoc is magic

29 Dec 2012

I keep learning new things as I slowly make this ruby gem. I had sent a copy to a friend and wondered if he would be able to unpack it and see the source code, and that led me to the command gem server which starts up a local server so you can go to in your browser and read about all of the gems installed on your machine, including the included documentation.

my first gem

20 Dec 2012

One of the projects I’ve been intermittently working on is called smashcut. I’ve been keeping it sort of vague and secret because I’m imagining tickling a wild beast of an audience that isn’t necessarily real and that tickles me.