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random emoji in prompt

13 Jun 2013

Edit: This post is kind of sloppy. Please consider reading this later, similar post instead.


09 Jun 2013

I don’t know how you’re supposed to redirect from old sites to new ones but I did it with a simple Sinatra app. I disconnected the previous sinatra app from my domain and connected this and it kinda works!


09 Jun 2013

I deleted my old blog. I set up some redirects from there to here. I took those old posts offline. Valar blog morghulis.

Doing my prework

02 Jun 2013

School starts soon, so I’m cramming my homework in.

loving websites

22 Apr 2013

I was sad when I read that Google Reader was ending and I want to examine that emotion. I love Google Reader. I also love Twitter and I’d be sad if Twitter stopped existing.