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my newest git alias is git

06 Sep 2014

Adding aliases makes git a lot more pleasant to use. For example, I am too busy to write git status to find out the current status of my project so I did this:

onscreen texts and I'm so Happy I'm Ecstatic

20 Aug 2014

People have been linking to this terrific video by Tony Zhou about how film and television depicts onscreen text messaging:

composing a Parslet parser from modules and making code climate happy

27 Jul 2014

I’m making very slow and intermittent progress on smashcut, my Fountain screenplay parser written in Ruby. At this rate I’ll have a usable version in a few years or so :smile:. I’m going to talk about it a little bit here and then talk about how a small refactor boosted my Code Climate GPA for the project from 1.9 to 3.56.

An Alfred Workflow for adding the frontmost Firefox tab to OmniFocus with AppleScript

13 Jul 2014

Saw a link about using tools to take long-lasting tabs out of your browser and put them somewhere useful like Evernote or OmniFocus rather than let them tax your mind and memory. I wanted in.

reading Human JavaScript as a Rails developer who writes SOME CoffeeScript

08 Jul 2014

I’m reading Human JavaScript for free online, right now, and I’m going to take some notes. Yes, this is one of those blog posts that no one reads, but is helpful for the author to write. I’m sorry.