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vim will fix indentation mistakes

07 Sep 2014

Today I learned a neat vim trick (via the Aaron Paterson Play by Play interview):

jekyll 2

06 Sep 2014

I just finished updating my blog to Jekyll 2.0. It looks the same, but the code is nicer.1

  1. The diff says I deleted 3623 lines, but it’s not as amazing as that sounds because 3263 of them are from a CSS library that I realized I don’t use anymore. 

when your disk fills up, who are you?

06 Sep 2014

I got into technology in large part because I was drawn to the Mac community. I started reading blogs about apps and productivity. That occupied a lot of my mind during college in particular, when I was struggling with procrastination and wanted to find some silver bullet app to save me.

my newest git alias is git

06 Sep 2014

Adding aliases makes git a lot more pleasant to use. For example, I am too busy to write git status to find out the current status of my project so I did this:

onscreen texts and I'm so Happy I'm Ecstatic

20 Aug 2014

People have been linking to this terrific video by Tony Zhou about how film and television depicts onscreen text messaging: